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Bariatric Events: Be Heard!

Patients, professionals (surgeons, dietitians, etc.), & partners! Shape future events. Free focus groups. Share your needs & ideas. Build a stronger Bariatric community! Sign up today!

Jul 16

Do you attend bariatric community events? We want to hear from you! Join our 60-minute Zoom focus group to share your experiences, provide feedback, and help us improve future events. Your insights are invaluable in making our events more engaging and impactful for the bariatric community.

Jul 18

As a valued community partner, your insights are essential to enhancing our events. Join our 60-minute Zoom focus group to share your feedback and explore new collaboration opportunities. Whether you’re an existing sponsor or a brand interested in joining the bariatric community as an event partner, we welcome your participation. Together, we can create more impactful and engaging experiences for everyone involved.

Jul 23

Join our 60-minute Zoom focus group to collaborate on innovating and elevating patient engagement in the bariatric community. We seek insights from bariatric surgeons, metabolic specialists, and allied health professionals, including nutritionists, dietitians, therapists, psychologists, coaches, and wellness experts. Together, we will shape impactful experiences and propel our events and patient care initiatives forward. This session aims to foster dynamic discussions and uncover key opinion leaders within and beyond the metabolic and bariatric space. Your participation is crucial to our collective success.

Join The Conversation

Free Focus Groups for Bariatric Community.

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