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DATE: March 2022

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In June of 2021, Meg began her journey toward bariatric surgery. During her research, Meg discovered a need within the weight loss surgery community for transformational travel experiences. Having spent her career traveling, Meg knows first-hand how impactful travel can be on our life experiences. 

Meg began her bariatric pathway journey weighing in at 289lbs. Having traveled domestically and internationally, the hurdles of traveling with extra weight aren't a foreign concept to her. But for some, it's not just the weight that slowed or stopped many from traveling; the emotional and mental stress stopped many of us too.

In March of 2022, Meg underwent gastric bypass surgery. Within two months of surgery, she returned to travel. During a bariatric retreat, she fully understood how impactful her transformational travel experiences would be on the weight loss surgery community. Bari Adventures was born.

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