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Make the Pandemic Travelers Promise.

Be apart of reuniting the world through travel. 

Returning to travel is going to take the effort of all travelers working together with a common goal. The Pandemic Travelers Promise aligns traveler intentions through a clear commitment to 8 essential travel best practices.

We all want to get back to exploring and engaging our lives through travel. However, that isn't going to happen without committing to travel best practices for ourselves. By making the Pandemic Traveler Promise, you're committing to doing your part to help reunite the world safely through travel, and that is something to be proud of doing.


That is why Ambassadorship is one of the best practices included as a promisers practice. Sharing your commitment to these traveler best practices with the people within your community is the best way to move travel conversations forward. When we share our intention with others, it builds understanding and opens a pathway to create a foundation of trust. 

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Promisers Practices

Commit to these eight travel best practices is a necessary first step to reengaging your life experiences through travel. 

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